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Situation Update, 1/5/21 - Congress will betray; patriots will need to RESCUE the President. Recap

By Mike Adams 73 Minute Video


1 MM Bad News: All institutions, including the GOP, are against trump. Good News: Trump still has several paths to win, including a Patriot uprising, the last path which they can't take away from us.

3 MM Options for Tomorrow: 1) Trump laying down bombshell Kraken news. It must be big, like Epstein being there or DNI Ratcliff's report of foreign interference. 2) Mike Pence doing right. Pence has several options to do right. 3) After Biden is elected Trump declares Insurrection Act. 4) Patriots rise up and make arrests.

9 MM More than likely two Democrats will be the winners in Georgia, meaning the CCP has completely taken control us the U. S. Most Patriots will then take up the fight.

12 MM We started with 10 options but are now down to 4 options.

13 MM Most TV shows now depict men as useless and stupid. We are being told that men should stay home and hold the baby while women do the right thing. 15 MM Julian Assange will not be sent back to the U S but may go to Mexico.

17 MM Good Alternative journalists must be trusted fro experience an give cites of information. Be Leary of those that just give false hope or false depression. Use multiple sources.

21 MM Freedom must be earned, not given. Trump is fully surrounded now. He may not be able to invoke the insurrection act; the military may stand down. The "We the People" may have to rescue Trump. Ammo that used to cost 18 cents per round is now a dollar. Factories are producing as fast as possible. The people are prepared now.

28 MM We can be in a civil war across the nation immediately after Jan 6th. Patriots will have to make arrests under authority of President Trump.

29 MM National File reports the politicians have reached a deal Pence, Pelosi, Mcarthy and Mcconnel have reached a deal to vote tomorrow after a two hour debate. Biden will be installed. 30 If Pence accepts Arizona votes he is a traitor.

37 MM Matt Geatz says we are not going to go back to the old GOP party.

41 MM Charles Hugh Smith says when a country collapses the purpose of government is to protect the politicians; its agencies are there to protect the looters in office. 48 MM DC mayor calls in National Guard when Trump supporters arrive but failed to use the guard when Antifa & BLM was tearing up the town. 55 MM put out a PDF on hoe to Reclaiming a Superpower PDF. They end up with the conclusion after 15 page report that we will end up in war.

58 MM Patrick Birm says the DOC and FBI have been told to stand down in regards to voter fraud.

60 MM He talks about the pedophiles and controlled elite that are running our country. End.

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