• Jim Costa

Situation Update, Jan. 4th - Election theater to cover the global extermination agenda. [Recapped.]

By Mike Adams. 82 Minute audio


1 MM Its all going down Wednesday and we will see it was all theater to cover for something much bigger. 2. MM As of today, 4 million U. S. persons have been vaccinated and will be either dead or infertile within five years.

3 MM They skipped the animal trials and are giving vaccines that will probably be fatal. They have scrubbed the research on this. The vaccines are designed to destroy people before they rise up against the elite.

7 MM The Vaccine is described as an "Operating system" needing updates.

10 MM Trump still has the military to be reelected. The politician route is just theater and will not produce anything. The 10 day evidence review is just a stalling action so more vaccines can be given.

Jerome Corsi is saying he believes Pence will do the right thin Wednesday.

12 MM Biden's parade was canceled. Remember when Hillary's fireworks was canceled?

Lin Wood tweeted is still saying Pence and Justice Roberts are controlled pedophiles.

15 MM 10 day Election Inspection is for delay. This will cause Patriots to wait and see until Jan 20, in which they will then force Biden as president. This process will drag on into February.

21 MM Peter Navarro now implies Pence has now switched back to Trump. Perhaps something happened on the Flight few days ago.

25 MM Since when has a government commission ever turned up anything. The Warren Commission on Kennedy's assassination. Therefore we don't need a ten day commission. 27 MM Tomorrow is the first day that the CIA will not have access to the military. Notice that 5 congressmen died the past few days, all Republicans.

31 MM Epoch Times says 400 former LEO and military are investigating the fraud. Are the black hats or white hats? Where is the FBI or DOJ? Why do these agencies still exist? Answer: To manage the crimes.

35 MM Trump has the powers of all those that work for him. Trump can indict persons himself.

40 MM Bit coin is rising because money is being laundered through it (government grants). It will crash when the graft ends.

43 MM 1.3% of U. S. Population has been vaccinated. In a few more weeks that number will be 5%. Infertility applies to both sexes. It causes the immune system to attack you. Deaths will be blamed on Covid. As birthrates are cut in half how will it impact military staffing, real estate prices, 1/4 of the population can no longer work or function due to vaccine? This will collapse everything economically.

51 MM Our whole government is at the end of its life/usefulness. The only way it can survive is if Trump wins quickly and makes bold moves to right the ship by overhauling everything.

55 MM He goes into detail on the vaccination Operating System and what it can do. They will then get you with "Malware".

56 MM He goes into detail on the MRNA vaccination Operating System and what it can do.

59 MM Ways you might survive a vaccine.

68 MM They need for you to consent to the vaccination and have allowed Big Tech to own you.

72 MM The vaccine is a means of having billions of people commit suicide themselves. They intend to kill 7 Billion people.

78 MM Even if Trump wins we are still in the cross hairs of the elite. This is just the opening of the war.


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