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Situation Update, Jan 2nd - The Big Reveal. [Recapped by Jim]

By Mike Adams: 70 Minute Video


1 MM Be armed at all times now.

8 MM Something big is happening now. Per several powerful close insiders are saying this.

10 MM Rumors about Pence planning to resign. Perhaps Pence will announce on Jan 6th he will resign on Jan 7th so he cannot be criticized for protecting Trump or doing it for personal gain. Or he could call for an evidence hearing before we take ballots.

15 MM If an evidence hearing is called for even classified information might be presented.

20 MM If all evidence is presented to congress (over a day or two) and then congressmen vote for Biden, they are committing fraud.

22 MM Jason Chavetts says this will be when the American people and congress will see, uninterrupted by the news media; history unfolding.

26 Lin Wood discussed. Tweeting out astonishing things. Calling for military to act; VP Pence plans to resign. Woods thinks Pence is treasonous.

30 MM Wood says we overlook people close to Trump in the voter fraud, including the Pence and the GOP.

35 MM National Pulse published list of U. S. politicians were paid for trips to China paid for by China.

37 MM Pompeo warned governors were being set up by China and now he hints the U.S. is now protecting itself from them.

40 MM More fraud being committed by Gov. Kemp's office in having counterfeit ballots shredded even now.

49 MM Jerome Corsi suggests we have a day of reconciliation in which some compromised people confess their relationship with CCP and are forgiven.

51 MM Be ready to defend your neighborhoods because of the left.

53 MM James Howard Kunstler predicts Trump will win; Stacy Abrams will be indicted for election fraud. A number of swamp rats, media people and celebrities will be indicted as well. The CIA will be closed. The FBI will be purged. BLM and ANTIFA will be taken out. Mayors will be arrested.

64 MM The IP address for Mike Adams' website is in the event the internet goes down.


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