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Situation Update, Jan 27th, 2021 - Covid "science" insanity: Anal swabs and face diapers.

By Mike Adams 65 Minute Video [Recapped]

0 MM He has stopped listening to other podcasters so he can focus on private sources and open sources.

7 MM None of his sources have changed their positions. No one has said we are wrong and it’s over. The Military option is still in play.

9 MM There is a massive pushback against Bide. Texas court blocked Biden’s reversal of border control. A Texas congressman introduced a law for a referendum to succeed from the union.

13 MM Other states may follow succession.

Biden will not get a smooth sailing administration like Obama did. He is going to be blocked all the way.

19 MM A person born in freedom does not know freedom is not all around the world.

Now our awaking is beginning because we have lost our freedom.

22 MM There are white hats that believe America has to suffer first to take back control of our country.

24 MM Sidney Powell sent message that Italy Gate is for real.

Interview with Mike McCormack, Biden’s former steno says Biden is a space holder and does what he is told.

26 MM The Epoch Times interviewed a former Military Intelligence Officer, Steven Rogers, says that the military presence in D. C. is an occupation force. The purpose of the NG is to supplement the police for crowd control. While the troops are in D. C. there are cities on the West coast that are burning down. Adams still believes the Insurrection Act has been signed. The best time for the military to show their hand is during a financial collapse.

31 MM There may be an overnight financial tipping point . It will be blamed on Biden. Was this Trump’s plan all along? Is this why Trump funneled so much funding to the military to get their support?

34 MM Lin Wood is under extreme attack. There is now a move to have him see a shrink to retain his law license. This is like the Left wanting to recall all Harvard Degrees from Trump supporters. Wood says that his children are now denouncing him. This is the communist pattern, to turn children against their parents.

39 MM If the military waits too long the people will react.

If you defend yourself with violence make sure you are in a Red County and act within the law. The Left is going to destroy more people.

42 MM Sect. Oisaki under Biden says we should do what China wants. Ratcliff disagrees and says we should stop China.

43 MM Most of Biden’s Executive Orders are discriminating against Whites.

45 MM The covid vaccines being used are legally not vaccines but alter your RNA and bodies. They are Trojan horses. It is a massive depopulation program. The New York Post says China is now using anal swabs to detect Covid.

50 MM They are using Covid for obedience training.


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