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Situation Update, Jan 26th, 2021 - Trump prepares parallel presidency as Biden agenda blockaded.

By Mike Adams. 78 Minute Video

Being Recapped Now:

0 MM Trump opens an actual functioning office in Maralargo. 4 MM Lin Wood is now being attacked by the left. He has never gone to the dark side.

6 MM Sidney Powell said Conti, the Prime Minister of Italy, will resign today. He was involved in the election Stealing in the U. S.

The Italian government nearly crashed a week ago and not they are going down.

9 MM California is now opening from Covid, admitting they were punishing Trump people for the election. WHO now says the Covid test doesn't work properly.

15 MM Trump's people are saying Trump will not be a part of the Patriot Party. There is a concern that Trump would split the GOP vote and the Democrats might win.

Unless you use paper ballots your vote does not count.

You can't vote your way out of a vote rigged system.

19 MM Perhaps Trump is distancing himself from the party so the Democrats will drop the Impeachment.

21 MM Brandon Stracka has been arrested. He started the Walk Away movement to bring in Democrats into the conservative movement. He was arrested for trespassing in the Capital. They are arresting mainly Trump Supporters.

25 MM No One has dressed up like Antifa to do a false flag on them.

26 MM Massive riot in Holland protesting the lock down. People are rebelling against the lockdowns.

Sorry, I have a doctor appointment so I have to stop here.

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