• Jim Costa

Situation Update, Jan 1st - Trump vs. the globalist genocide machine. [Recapped by Jim]

By Mike Adams: 65 Minute Video


1 MM "I am laughing because many of us thought we wouldn't be here now." Nobody trusts authority anymore.

5 MM What we were told by the news when we were growing up was all lies just as it is today.

8 MM Now we know we were lied to in the pledge of allegiance in that there is no longer justice for all.

10 MM The Globalists have lost the war and are now dying in front of us. Bitcoin is going up as people are running from the big banks. People are leaving big central rule and false authority.

13 MM Bitcoin will go up because the Dollar are becoming worthless.

14 MM Congress represents its members only, not the people. People will abandon the GOP and DEMO parties.

16 MM 2021 is when we choose a new way of governance so we no longer need a middle layer that takes graft, kickbacks and fraud.

18 MM House GOP has 140 persons to object to the votes. But now their votes no longer matter; they waited too long to back Trump. We need representation from Congress and we are no longer getting that.

[He is hinting at "No taxation without representation]

21 MM He discusses Catherine Austin Fitts podcast today where she says we are being trained world wide to live in a giant prison camp.

25. MM The are going to kill us with vaccines, destroy our finances and families. They want to exterminate humans. This is supposed to be the end game for humanity. They are going to kill Billions of us.

27 MM Elections: In conservative areas ballots were mailed that had borders printed differently so that they would be flagged as needing "curing". They were then digitally sent overseas so the vote could be changed to Biden and then sent back altered.

30 MM Discussion of other ways of voter fraud: Names with initials and then again with initials in a new order. Other methods talked about.

33 MM What might happen on Jan 6th: There are many interpretations of this.

There may be no vote. Trump may still be president until March 4th.

40 MM If March 4th comes into play Biden cannot be sworn in Jan 20th. It also means this mess goes on for another two months.

43 MM Adams expects 80% probability that Biden wins on Jan 6th, but don't fret about it.

46 MM Jeffry Prather says that insurrection act will not be invoked until after all other actions have occurred, the very last moment.

48 MM There are 3 Senators and 140 House members that will challenge the ballots which will force a floor vote. This vote now becomes a Treason People list.

50 MM Trump's Dec 16th continuation of his Executive Order covers anyone involved with Epstein.

61 MM Tactical battlefield low yield nukes have been delivered to the military. The can wide out a few blocks. {To be used in the U. S.?


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