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Situation Update, Jan. 16th, 2021 - Psyop revealed, DC prepares for large-scale WAR. [Recapped]

By Mike Adams: 73 Minute Video


0 MM It appears we are headed into a Biden Administration and a war. The Parkes, Ward & Steel trio are all CIA operatives.

3 MM FOX news interviewed Harold Ford, Jr., A Tenn. politician, who had a large painting in his home of Chairman Mao. We are about to be taken over by China.

5 MM Warning about coming famine. Bill Gates has a huge U. S. farmland portfolio. Jeff Bezos is doing the same. Why? Engineered famine coming and to profit from the financial reset by moving from currency to land.

8 MM We are facing war and famine. This is what he sees. What we are seeing are CIA psyops to lull people into inaction.

9 MM Trump announced yesterday saying China is our greatest advisory. Warning about Chinese infiltration of our government and we are in war with China now. However there is a pathway for Trump to win this. This is the first day Adams will be holding back information so as to not tip off the Deep State.

14 MM There are large AI systems that are running psyop operations.

15 MM Used to cause massive confusion.

16 MM Project "Martyr" was planned to kill Biden and to stage it as if done by Trump Supporter. If televised it would start a gun confiscation. That is why the military is in D.C.

20 MM FBI is trying to recruit gun toters for project Martyr. 22 MM Chris Miller said the secondary is to guard the command post. I Miller has a plan to save the country he is not going to put it on a video.

24 MM Bomb Threats in Virginia, Heathrow and other places yesterday. We are now seeing false flags daily now.

26 MM On the good side, Trump is in charge of troops in D.C. under the Stafford act. 28 MM Chris has been calling up troops from governors. He now has 33,000 troops in D.C. D.C. is now a war zone for inauguration; under electronic jamming now. This is a major escalation.

A fighter wing is attached to DC for combat support. There is also a striker Armor unit there as well. This is not a peacetime deployment. 33 MM Perhaps Biden will inact something that may cause a civil uprising against D.C. or even surrender to China.

Units In there now: 56th Combat team; Troop B of the . . . on and on. Including Air to air protection.

37 MM [Personal Note from Jim: What Adams is missing is all the generals now in D. C. were recently picked by Trump and not the Deep State. Trump holds the high ground!]

The whole city is surrounded by razor wire.

There is a division there supported by a striker Brigade. 39 MM Tennessee is setting up patriot missile battaries (ground to air). There are 40 foot containers from Colorado that could be club K container that may hold 4 cruise missils in each one.

41 MM My Pillow guy came out of the White House with notes revealing possible Martial Law in the notes. Is this a psyop?

42 MM Between now and Monday the Deep State will probably set off false flags due to declass coming. Apparently Chris Miller anticipates war.

46 MM Theory that these troops are there to arrest the Deep State. Are the troops in D.C. controlled by the good guys or the bad guys?

Adams has no idea on this.

48 MM If Biden is elected perhaps China would invade. If Trump is elected China would be deterred.

51 MM The Capital riot narrative that Trump inspired it is now over. The arrestees have said Trump had nothing to do with it. This was planned and done by the Democrats.

53: Adams believes that there is now an undeclared war with China. D.C is locked down until the end of February.

60 MM Prepare for the long term.

I am stopping the recap. You are own your own now.

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