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Situation Update, Jan. 15th, 2021 - DECLASS begins, CNN complicit in capitol raid. [Recapped]

By Mike Adams: 100 Minute Video

0 MM To be discussed today: 1) Declass coming today; 2) Capital Raid narrative collapsed, CNN took part in the raid; 3) Twitter CEO admits to censorship and he lied to Congress; 4) FBI trolling for protest groups to march on DC; 5) Why the port ship delays mainly from China ships being searched for weapons. 250,000 Chinese troops at Canadian border. 6) more on yesterday's podcast and why we are now under Military rule.

5 MM The solutions to Covid-19 have always been available and we knew it. Vitamin D [OTC] supplement.

10 MM We are being persecuted now. If in a hurry skip to next marker.

19 MM Intelligence expert Dr. Steve Pieczenik discussed if he is honest or not. A lot of what he says echos what is said by "Q". He is a master of engineering the battlefield. What he did say just happened in that Trump did just declass. Confirmation Bias discussed but don't forget faith.

29 MM Governments around the world are collapsing: Angela Merkle to step down, Italian government collapsed, China on verge of collapse, England on verge of financial collapse, Vatican in trouble and others mentioned.

33 MM Warning of dirty bombs hidden in the U.S. to blackmail Trump. Prehaps there was a delay in declass so the Military could locate and remove them.

37 MM Capital Raid Discussed: FBI says there was no connection to Trump and was begun prior to Trump's Speech.

43 MM CNN Staged some of the raid.

45 MM Declass Discussed: Declass happening now.

48 MM Per conference call with Lin Wood and Generals; from their notes: * There are now 250,000 Chinese troops surrounding us, with 150,000 in Canada and the rest in Mexico.

* The Mayor of Oklahoma City was informed by email from POTUS that the Insurrection Act has been enacted and arrests will begin in that city.

* The Capital Attack was BLM and Antifa led.

* They fear the disclosure of pedofelia activity. End of meeting notes.

52 MM During in an active state of war, which we are now in, an act of insurrection is not sedition but rather acts of treason.

53. MM Some Congressmen facing sedition, treason and crimes against humanity.

54 MM Discusses the EO amended two days ago by Trump to stop financial dealings and stock listings with Chinese military businesses. This impacts the social media tech giants. This will force those holding Chinese stock options as bribes to sell them immediately.

60 MM Twitter's Jack Dorsey Discussed: Projack Vetitas released recording of Dorsay saying the plans and current activities to censures and proving he lied to Congress.

The Mexican President says social media censure is worse than the Spanish Inquisition.

65 MM Long Beach Port problems Discussed. Backlog due to searching for weapons from China.

67 MM Warning from Patrick Byrn: Be advised to leave any chat room that discusses violence or the FBI will make contact with you.

70 MM How to talk with FBI agents.

81 MM I am stopping the recap. You are on your own.


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