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Situation Update, Jan. 3rd - Senators announce 10-day emergency investigation. [Recapped By Jim]

By Mike Adams 74 Minute Audio


1 MM Pelosi is up for reelection of the Speaker of the House today. 2 MM Leading cause of death in 2020 was abortion.

3 MM Mayor of DC declared a Covid emergency and has closed hotels for Jan 6th.

5 MM All Leftists who have denied conservationists free speech should be punished.

7 MM Mitt Romney thinks the vaccinations should be given to the people quicker.

8 MM Pence has not mentioned resignation again.

10 MM Jerome Corsi says it will not be over on the 6th.

11 MM Simon Parkes (UN Intelligence?) says there are 200,000 sealed indictments.

Adams does not think there are any indictments.

14 MM Justice system is now broken. Lin Wood has not retracted his comments on Pence being a traitor. 16 MM 12 Repub Senators will protest the votes Wednesday.

They demand a 10 day Investigation on fraud.

22 MM If all Democrats vote against the investigation it will show the citizens they are concealing fraud. If it occurs it will be the swamp investigating the swamp.

28 Dec 24th Georgia case still has not been assigned to a judge. The court is slow walking it. The judges are supposed to be the deciders; dereliction. This means voter fraud is now legal.

32 This means we no longer have a functioning government.

33 MM Trump declared that Ga. vote is invalid. Was this written by Jenna Ellis as a setup for the Insurrection Act. 42 MM Obama is the mastermind and will be arrested after Trump wins.

44 MM What can happen Jan 6th.

45 MM Per Jeffery Prather, once Trump wins he will have to respond with special forces surgical strike forces. He will not bring in massive troops and armored vehicles into cities otherwise he will lose support of the population.

48 MM Military will use quick reaction 5 man teams working out of civilian vans.

If mayors and governors interfere they too will be arrested. Mayor Ted Wheeler (Oregon) just announced he is now against Antifa.

54 MM Clean up of Democratic cities may take a month to few months. The left will switch to terrorists bombing then.

Armed Patriots will no longer hold their fire against Antifa and BLM.

Terrorists won't go to rural America.

58 MM If all goes well we will end up with several hundred political/civil leaders and several thousand Antifa/BLM persons arrested.

64 MM Alex Jones has not been killed because it would create an uprising. Those same Patriots are at that point now.

66 Dr. Fauchi now says the vaccinations don't prevent infections; just halting symptoms. This is proof it is all a fraud. The cycle of creating fake pandemics and then fake vaccinations until we are all controlled by them. These people will have to be arrested as well. End.

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