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Situation Update, Dec. 28th - Nuke from orbit [Recapped]

By Mike Adams. 83 Minute Audio

Recap: Sorry folks, my cast hit the keyboard and wiped out an hour's worth of recap. I will summarize quickly and then get back to recapping from the 40 Minute Mark.

He mostly talks about Nashville explosion. His conclusions are that the explosion was an outer space (satellite) Laser DEW (Directed Energy Weapon). He suspects it was done by China. He fears we are in a nuclear space war with China now. Around the 30 minute mark he suggests you go to Google Maps and zoom into the building. There is a diamond shaped Fire Prevention Hazard warning code sign there regarding the contents of the buildings. There are 3 codes. One says vaporizing and explosive materials inside. A second says Hazard level to a person if in the building just a short time. The third is the material is explosive if in contact with water. Conclusion is something mighty strange is in there.

Around the 10 minute mark he says that the ATT building is actually an ATT/NSA intelligence gathering hub as described by Eric Snowden. There was little damage to the building because it was a hardened bunker. It was to be used in the upcoming Georgia runoff election to monitor for fraud. (20MM?)

He points out that a split second prior to the blast the street was shaded in a blue light, then a white light and then the fireball. He describes this like "a light sabor from Star Wars." He points out that in September , 2020, Defense Director Mark Esper said in a speech that the Chinese were adding DEWs to satellites and then a few days later said our new Space Force could vaporize them. Therefore, the DEWs are not a conspiracy Theory.

From 30-40 MM he says that with the communist California Governor Newsom he feels that China was helping collapse the economy there by using DEWS to cause fires across California and then the Covid to finish off the economy. He says the US has been using weather control systems to destroy crops in China and cause starvation. China is fighting for it's life. He suggests that China is the one who created the Nashville explosion to coverup the voter fraud held there.

Therefore, it appears that we are in a global nuclear war with China.

40 MM If the building has nasty chemicals inside it takes only a flash to ignite. The vents on the outside were fake facads. It was a solid concrete wall. They monitor phone meta data and is storing the data there. The Dominion voting systems were tracked to overseas IP addresses and that info was stored in Nashville. 44 MM All of this data had been stored elsewhere. Perhaps this is why the Solarwinds hack - to destroy all voter fraud nationwide.

46 MM Most of the ATT equipment was not damaged.

He was told the explosion did not destroy the tape backups of spy information/evidence.

48 MM CNBC reported that the FBI is constructing a second $Billion FBI Headquarters in Huntsville Alabama and Trump was setting this up for the good guys that survive the emptying of the current FBI. Part of a larger realignment per CNBC. It is said that the NAshville explosion has blinded the Huntsville FBI Headquarters. Who benefits? The Democrats in Georgia as well as China. Note: Around the 20 MM he said that the ZME air traffic radio system that controls air flights for 7 states were also brought down by the explosion and is now running poorly.

50 MM His Summation: There is a battle raging in space for our future of our planet. There is a bigger picture explanation for world natural disasters. Why is there a secret pentagon in the Brazillion rain forest? It is rumored that the property is for the future Space Force Operation?

53 MM He tells of all the big people that are saying a huge statement of facts will be released in a few days. Is the space war what they are hinting at?

55 MM The Democrats are trying to disbar any attorney that questions the vote system.

58 Bobby Peyton said he found in Penn. a half million unique last names with no relatives, making them phantom voters. Statistically there should be more Smiths, Jacksons etc. This will show China was controlling the voter rolls for a long time.

63 MM The software was allowed to replace normal voters with phantom voters, such as Jones replaced by "Smiffe".

68 MM They next step in vaccination in Texas will be persons with health problems and Pregnant Women. All doctors know not to vaccinate pregnant women. Is this a planned depopulation?

72 MM The global vaccination movement is to wipe out minorities and stupid white people.

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