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Situation Update, Dec. 26th - Treasonous Army generals fear Trump's "militia option".

war from By Mike Adams: 84 Minute Audio w Recap


2 MM Way more to NAshvill bombing that we are told. 3 MM is exposing the lies of the CCP. Video shows 3 outcomes: 1) Trump will win; 2) the CCP will collapse first; 3) There will be war within mainland China. But Trump will win.

This is the consensus of the intelligence of the West & whole world.

4 MM They say Trump will win because they know how corrupt Biden is. He was a shake down con artist. 7 MM The only question is what option will be used by Trump. Trump can do all the things that the Attorney General can do, such as name Powell Special Counsel.

9 MM Simplest Trump option is the legal route. It's OK if it fails. Next option is appointing Special Counsel. Adams says tt was done Friday. Next option is to seize the Dominion machines. The last option is the Insurrection Act. This threshhold has been reached for Insurrection.. 12 MM The last option is to allow military to hold elections as a matter of National Security. Trump may not call for Insurrection until up to Jan 5 or 6th.

12 MM That leaves Trump with 8 options. There are different levels of arrest level. Jerome Corsi says Trump will win by using the Declass option.

14 MM China is breaking apart the same as the Soviet Union did; it lost control over all economic systems and then the people. China is repeating this loss of control.

17 MM Trump over the past 4 years has reduced our dependence on rare earth elements coming from China from 80% down to 40% dependcy. We are now a net exporter of oil. 18 MM If Trump finishes his second term China will fall by 2025.

20. Trump will probably lose the vote on Jan 6th. It will show Pence and others as traitors. If the House and Senate votes it will be the list of Treasonous ones. Trump will then be forced to use the Insurrection Act.

26 MM Please attend D.C. on JAn 6th to show the Congress the massive crowd before they vote.

If you don't go call your congressmen and demand they choose the trump slate of Electorates.

29 MM Nashville Explosion. The explosion took out the ATT switch system. [ATT & Verizon down for about a month] Purpose - Test to take out switch gear. Possibly done by FBI/Antifa.

35 MM The DS wants to shut down more communications because part of the military may attempt a coup against Trump. The FBI are terrorists against the U. S. A small EMP may have resulted.

45 MM Democrat Mayer of NAshville was filmed laughing about explosion.

48 MM If many explosions occur on the same day Bug Out of the cities!

50 MM High levels of military are against Trump. Marines and Special Forces and Space Force are with trump. UK Daily Mail says they are worried the us military is worried about the uprising of Militias. " I have been associated with the US Military for 40 years and have never seen discussions ongoing like this." Rumors are they are planning to forcefully dragging Trump out. They fear a Tiannaman Square episode.

55 MM We could see the Marines facing off against the Army. They will not fire on each other. The Patriots would be in charge.

57 MM Constitution says president can call up Military and Militias.

60 MM Summary: Jan 6th votes will be for Biden. Pence will leave the country. If Trump does not invoke the Insurrection Act within 72 hours then the Militias will rise up as they have nothing to lose, and will be successful all across the country. They will self actuate and turn America into a war zone. This will call for the press to demand the Insurrection Act.

67 MM We will be in a war from Jan 6 forward. If Biden is sworn in he will call for the Insurrection Act and use it against the Trump supporters. That then raises the question if the military will follow Biden's orders knowing he is a traitor.

109 MM Let's pray some of these lessor options work first so there is no war.


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