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Situation Update Dec. 25th - Americans prepare for January WAR. - Mike Adams

By Mike Adams 73 Minute Audio


6 MM There are still 8 Options on the table.

8 MM Local civic groups may begin arrests and executions of traitors prior to Jan 20th. They would probably kill those shielding traitors.

10 MM The State Governors will try to call up National Guards but will fail to get them to respond.

11 MM Trump would then be forced to call the Insurrection Act and finish the job started by the patriots; arrest the treason by elites. Around JAn 10 to JAn 20.

17 MM Pence is schedule to fly out of the country after JAn 6. He knows there will be civil war.

19 MM We have 2 weeks to prepare.

22 MM What if Trump wins a contingent election? The left will rise up the next day.

24 MM After Jan 6 there is no mo reason for either side to wait and see. Its war. Only Biden conceding can stop this.

27 MM Far more likely we will end up in war.

30 MM Arm Brace AR pistols - ATF withdrew their suggestion to ban these weapons. Long Discussion on guns.

41 Sidney Powell might be better now not Special Council right now because

she can communicate with Trump until she is special council.

42 MM Two Wisconsin state reps. joined a lawsuit to overturn Biden vote. VP Pence is a part of this as well as other governors.

[Sorry, had to play Santa's one armed Helper.]

43 MM Giuliani still saying "It is big and will happen all at once". Adams says this means the Deep State will not be able to spin it away.

46 MM Trump is admitting the GOP is his enemy.

Our future is a Pro-Liberty party.

51 MM His backup site's IP address is

56. Memo giving Trump Supporters hope. Law Memo says the Texas case can be refiled as U. S. America (rather than Texas) then the SCOTUS must hear case. However courts are slow walking. 60 MM No one will help Trump except Military and Patriots.

61 MM Bill Deblasio in N.Y. will have police going door to door to enforce lockdown.

63 MM Rush Limbaugh (dying of cancer) signed off yesterday. He has worked for Big Pharma and now Adams says Big Pharma is killing Rush. Go to TheTruthAboutCancer website to survive cancer.


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