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Situation Update, Dec. 20th - The Misdirection Ploy - How to seize everything without using military

By Mike Adams. 58 Minute Audio Recap:

1 MM Meeting at White House Yesterday. The fact that the news that Trump was not considering the Insurrection act. That reporter is known to lie so Trump is probably going to use the Insurrection Act.

The act should be a surprise.

6 MM The Army is saying they don’t want to get involved with the election. They are taking this position because they are hearing that Trump may invoke the act. If Trumps does the army brass will immediately be court martialed if they fail to participate. 10 MM Rudy Giuliani says a new strategy to focus on evidence that can throw off the votes in 1-2 days audit. They do not need to invade the city they just need to seize the machines. To do this you appoint Sidney Powell as special counsel over election fraud. She won’t have to go through judges to get warrants. Therefore Trump has two options: Military option or Powell with U. S. Marshals option.

21 MM What if Powell finds half a dozen Democrats in the House that were complicit and arrested them prior to Jan 6th? The House would then be without power. They already have this evidence. 23 MM Trump is calling for a big rally in DC on Jan 6th and says "Its going to be wild." Will he be reelected that day? 26 MM Timing. If he is not reelected on the 6th, the SCOTUS might rule on powers case before them so they could still be reelected prior to Jan 20th.

29 MM Powell's position as Special Council would survive Biden becoming President and makes her as a "Mini DOJ". 35 MM If any of trumps cases are heard by SCOTUS they will have to rule in favor of t=Trump based on the facts. Powell currently has a case in front of SCOTUS waiting to be heard.

37 MM Most people know nothing about the voter fraud and Trump has many paths to victory. If Biden wins the Democrats will use the 14 Amendment to prosecute Trump supporters.

40. MM Lin Wood has proof that Chief Justice is compromised and should recuse himself.

43 MM Summary. If Trump does not act he would be derelict in his duties. 48. MM "You guys are too good at what you are doing so you need to stop talking". This message was sent to Independent Journalists.

51 MM Vaccinations and reactions to it. A hospital shut down the injections.

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