• Jim Costa

Situation Update #2, 1/10/21 - Trump's final window of opportunity rapidly closing. [Recapped]

By Mike Adams 17 Minute Video

Recap: 0 MM It is confirmed that Pelosi had her laptop and others in her office taken. 2 MM Pelosi is in panic because of the lost laptop.

4 MM Trump has a narrow window of time to release information. Mitch McConnell will not impeach Trump in order to save the GOP. 5 MM It is a fact the Trump received the Ratcliff Report. Now they have Pelosi's laptop to go through as well as latest Wikileaks. Does he have enough loyal forces around him.

7 MM The military and the DOD realize they will be killed when China takes over. 9 MM When Trump gives the order to halt the coup the military will back Trump because the President is their legal leader.

10 MM The military wants war with China and Iran. We are now dealing with Iran that could have Trump to attack. Anything can happen over the next few days.

13 MM Trump has everything he needs to invoke the Insurrection Act now.

15 MM The 6,500 National Guard troops in D. C. are there under orders by Virginia Governor Northrop. They will surrender if regular troops come at them.


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