• Jim Costa

Situation Update, 1/10/21 - First they silence you, then they disarm you, then KILL you [Recapped]

By Mike Adams 41 Minute Audio


2 MM He thinks that the White House intrusion was a cover for Sec. Ops to get into Pelosi's laptops. They could not go through the DOJ or FBI would have stopped it.

4 MM The Techie s have banned 60,000 persons the past two days including Trump. Even the ACLU who hates Trump is raising hell about it. All of this is playing into Trump's hands. This may destroy Amazon if they ban parlor because Amazon depends on funding from the government.

8 MM Trump is allowing the left to expose their communist plans. It's suicide for the communication tech companies. Big Tech has crossed the line.

14 MM He just received message that Amazon will be taking down Parlor.

18 MM If you shop at Amazon then you are supporting Fascism.

25 MM I am stopping this recap so I can go to more research. End.

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