• Jim Costa

Simon Parkes - Jan 21st Update [Recapped]

36 Minute Video

0 MM What went wrong?

2 MM Parkes told his handlers he was concerned about small dirty bombs.

6 MM The plan was for 26,000 NG and troops in the tunnels. The plan was to arrest congressmen but it never happened. “Something went wrong”. Pompeo was quoted as saying “I didn’t expect that.”

It may have been a dirty bomb per Parkes (he is guessing).

7 MM Some of the inauguration was genuine and some was prerecorded.

10 MM 10 MM The good guys are are going to try again. It must be done by April. A great deal of material was declassed for the states, not for the courts. The states received those declasses so the states can act.

12 MM There are 800 officers from Generals down to other senior officers. We now have two governments running. Biden has been cutoff by the Military. The two (Miller and FEMA head) are running the government now and they cannot be fired by Biden. Trump will come back as the 19th President as DC is bulldozed. 15 MM The Twin towers was brought down for the gold stored there that was used for the Nesara reset. The Pentagon was hit in the area of the Navy that had all information on the gold and the reset.

17 MM Trump was hated because he was going to put us back on the gold standard and kill the Central Banks.

20 MM Whatever stopped the arrests yesterday was big, perhaps a doomsday device.

We are in the first quarter and are regrouping to go forward.

21 MM 34 Quadtrillion (dollars?) of gold was taken from the Vatican by the good guys to be used for the reset. The Italian government gave up the gold to save themselves. Charlie Ward says the loot was paper money, gold and artifacts.

23 MM We have two governments now, one is the military and the other can only pass domestic policies. But the Military will not share information with Biden or support them.

25 MM Expect to see foreign ministers avoid Biden just like 75% of the population will ignore him.

The Biden government will be toppled between February and march but by April.

27 MM No one was downbeat about not making arrests due to the threat.

32 MM The message is we had a setback but we are still going forward. The false leadership are weak leaders. They looked sober and realize they are not really in charge and are barely in there.

36 MM Parkes thinks that our rebuilt government will probably abandon the D. C. area.

Nobody was more shocked Wednesday than Trump but he is still going forward. Watch for the split government.


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