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Simon Parkes - Jan 16th Update. [MUST HEAR] [ Recapped]


0 MM Biden cancelled his practices for the 20th.

3 MM His contacts say they can't afford to give proof now while the battle is in progress. It's too dangerous. We must be patient.

5 MM Who in their right mind would endure what Trump did only to have the race stolen and quit.

6 MM We should expect something anytime from Sunday on.

Action will be taken before the 20th. It should be over after the 20th.

There is a real possibility that the media may give a CGI fake inauguration.

What is the point of a fake one? The world see this thinking Biden was sworn in and then see Biden being locked out of the White House gates. That gives the good guys another 12 hours to continue their plan.

12 MM His contact does not think the fake will be done, but just be prepared for the possibility.

American contact says there are actually 21,000 troops in DC.

14 MM What is forecast for England? 5 to 7 days of chaos.

[Everywhere] Cell phones and TV will go down. Leave the TV's on for Emergency Broadcasts.

17 MM England is now in a semi lock down virus situation. Don't let them swab up your nose. They will be one of the last countries to have the Take down.

19 MM Look at the media is expressing that this is not a normal political transition. Only one side can win in this situation. We are seeing the final battle and the deep state' spear tip is the MSNM. The used the virus to take down Trump.

24 MM Don't believe that the good guys will just give up after so many years of preparing for this fight.

26 MM The good guys think there will actually be a fake inauguration.

Trump does not want supporters on the streets with guns.

29 MM Hillary was shocked when she lost because the machine cheat was done in 2016. Their math was off and she lost. Trump allowed the steal in 2020 so the people could see. No 80% of the entire government is ready to be cleared out.

31 MM Anytime from Sunday on expect to see something.

32. Plan for at least a day without power and water.

33. Gen Flynn will be offered VP position if he wants it. If JFK jr. is alive, will go around the country helping to heal things.

34 The Reset: Ward is the expert in this area. Kennedy was killed trying to reset the banking system. This will be remarkable for mankind.

36 MM 34 Quintrillion was seized from the Vatican bank. If its all in digital or paper money, it's worthless. If it is paper money backed by gold it is valuable. The way people are taxed will be changed. Interest will end. The system has been crushing the people. This will end.

40 MM We are now paid slaves. This too will end. The government's response to the virus has shown us that.

What a joy it will be when the MSNM comes down.


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