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Simon Parkes: General Michael Flynn & Doug Billings. [Recapped]

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6 MM Our justice system seeks prosecutions rather than justice.

9 MM The FBI said they were using Flynn to take out President Trump before he could get started.

11 MM Where are we between Nov 3rd and now as far as the Republic? 70 million stood in line to vote for Trump. The next stage is for them to volunteer to get involved to insure we can have free elections in the future. People n eed to seek public office.

13 MM Determined Patriotism. We need to stay involved. 2% of the passionate will defeat 98% of the indifferent. Right now the left is passionate. We need to get passionate as well.

16 MM Groups didn't organize themselves and we need to organize in the future.

21 MM Did Trump sign the insurrection Act. Answer is NO. Is the US Military running the country? Answer is NO.

There is no plan.

22 MM Nuclear war with China and Russia and the US? Russia and China have come to agreements, commercial and military. Warning like that should be taken, but Russia and China do not want war. They may do economic war fare but they do not want to go up to someone's gate. 26 MM Trump has been working on his impeachment now. He still has great influence.

The left is actually bringing more people to Trump's side,; people willing to fight for our country.

31 MM Trump gave it his best shot and has shown us the best path. He is imperfect and a man. We now need to stand up and fight for our country.

33 MM The GOP. Disloyal politicians is a real problem. We need to get these people out of office; we need more fighters. Flynn does not think we need a third party. We need to use the parties we now have. He will never give a dollar to the GOP or any other party unless they account for the funds and their platform s and goals. The Republican National Committee did nothing to help Trump.

39 MM It's not about Democrats or Republicans, it's about common sense and honesty.

41 Rudy Guliani? He is a good patriot and guy. Mike Pompeo? He is also a good guy and very loyal to Trump. He needs to be defined as a common sense guy.

44 Did Trump ask Flynn to be a partner with him in his next venture? Answer is NO. We all need to get involved.

45. Billings said he had a bet that Trump would be the next President. Should he pay up the bet? Answer is no, not yet.

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