• Jim Costa

Simon Parkes - Doug Billings & Simon Parkes 8th Feb 2021. [Recapped]

24 Minute Video


6 MM The people remember that Gen Flynn said there was no Insurrection Act signed. If Flynn said that it was signed the MSNM would have had him fired. What Flynn said that he called Trump President because he is being impeached.

9 MM The Democrats obviously know something that the people do not know in regards to Trump still being the President.

11 MM Flynn showed his true feelings when he said that Billings should not pay off the bet that Trump would be the next President.

We need to trust the man (Trump) and not the plan. 15 MM Billings: Our first priority is to fix the future elections. 16 MM Parkes: The military are waiting for a lower court to agree that voter fraud occurred. Then the military can step in because the courts indicated the nation is in trouble. The shot must be called first by even a lower court.

19 MM Last week a judge ruled that the Dominion machines were designed to steal elections. There is progress happening.

20 MM The politician Rubin Verastui was arrested for child pornography. So again things are beginning to happen now.

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