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Simon Parkes - 6th February Update Current News. [Recapped]

39 Minute Audio


1 MM He received word that yesterday something might happen. He gets 2 types of alerts. One is 100% accurate. The second is changeable at times if all is OK. Yesterday's alert was a Second alert type. Apparently nothing happened yesterday.

4 MM There is another force that can make Jeff Bezos walk out of his job? He said he wanted to spend more time to work on his good works. If Biden was a real President he wouldn't be working out of a movie studio owned by Amazon. There is something very wrong about the White House. Why are all the lights turned off at 10 PM every night? Because there is no one there.

7 MM Yesterday Gen Flynn said that Trump did not sign the Insurrection Act. This upset a lot of people. Within 6 hours of being pardoned by Trump Flynn had his full security status restored to him and is back involved with the Pentagon. You cannot have a person come on TV and openly talk about what is happening. The MSNM would pick up on it and say he is trying to oust Biden and lose his job.

The rest of the interview is excellent especially where he points out that the bet of Trump is the President is still a good bet.

12 MM When the truth comes out about the captive kids in tunnels will cause a melt down of the public. People don't know because people don't want to know.

14 MM Why are they letting Biden play the President? Because he is not really doing anything of importance other than allowing men compete with women in sports. If they leave him in place longer he will continue to screw up to show the world.

16 MM Epstein's girlfriend, Grislain Maxwell, has told a lot to authorities on where kids are being kept. They need more proof from her so that might be the delay in shutting down Biden.

18 MM Why don't Biden and Hillary run away? Because they have no place to disappear to on earth.

20 MM This is not a clown show, it is a horrible show to watch. How much longer can we believe in "Trust the plan"?

In a war you don't tell the other side what you are going to do. 23 MM There were no arrests at the inauguration due to the explosion in Madrid a few hours prior to the inauguration.

25 MM Others have to bring it (government) to the point so Trump can come back. He is still part of what is playing out. Trump must still be president because the Deep State must impeach him.

28 MM What we all want is to see the truth on the TV news for all to see.

There is so much more work that needs to be done before the take-down is ready in the U. S. We have to trust Trump.

Trump has showed us he is still in by opening the Office of Trump. 33 MM "Trust the man, not the plan."

36 MM This is an unusual time in which we have two presidents but continue to trust the man and be patient. 38 MM If Trump hadn't come along America would have quietly slipped into communism.


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