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Simon Parkes - 24th February Update Current News. [Recapped]

Updated: Feb 25

50 Minute Audio 1 MM Everyone told to remain quiet about what happened today [Quantum Financial System].

3 MM No one is allowed to say if the new Quantum Financial System is up now or not but coming soon. The new system will not charge a fee to transfer money.

8 MM The fast rise in Bitcoin price was to test the system and a few days later the test deposit was withdrawn.

11 MM He thinks cryptos are a good investment but says wait till this summer as new ones will be created that will be free to use.

12 MM The Deep State wants to keep the stock market up right now.

HSB is closing 40% of their office space, possible because they know the new financial system will stop them from raping the markets as they have been doing.

17 MM Discusses the human Psychie consciousness. We are becoming more intolerant because we expect immediate communications with others and feedback. We are more impatient.

21 MM Trump will be speaking on the 28th so don't expect anything to happen before then.

23 MM He is hopeful that March and early April will be important and good times for all.

24 MM Discusses the children rescued children from tunnels under the DC area.

26 MM What is happening is happening worldwide so details have to be secret at this time.

28 MM Joe Biden situation discussed. He doesn't think the real man is there anymore.

31 MM UFOs discussed. When the new government is here he expects release of a lot of information. 36 MM Discusses the Covid used to control us. 37 MM The take down is occurring, keep the faith.

46 MM Visions of the future.

47 MM The wealth gained in the take down will be used to help humanity; to show we can live in peace and demonstrate service to others. End

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