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Simon Parkes: 13th January Update Current News. [Recapped] [Must See]

27 Minute Video


0 MM The Presidents of Germany, Mexico etc are attacking the social media acting out oppression. 2 MM Trump disappointed people yesterday in his wall talk. But major newspapers around the world heard him loud and clear. He is still in the game.

4 MM More outages around the world still happening.

His contacts said last night first actions would be taken outside of the U. S.

5 MM They are not going to change the timetable just to make nervous people happy; we have to concentrate.

"They said they are in danger of being derailed because of the pressure coming from the people." How many more times does Trump have to say he does not concede.

8 MM It is possible Trump will continue his current admin continue for 3 months while arrests are being made.

10 MM This may be a military "holding period" while the government is remanned after the arrests leave vacancies.

11 MM The way it is looking the Demos are getting jumping. They showed the Trump speech yesterday the cut away to the DOJ. They were playing games.

13 MM Not certified information: Trump flipped California in the vote. Will be verified when the truth comes out.

15 MM Move now to start a new political party.

16 MM Millions of Americans are now wondering where we go from here. The Deep State thinks we will just forget things and continue on; they are wrong. Trump will not quit. 18 MM Russia is now quiet; other countries are concerned and watching. Britain had some part to play in the voting interference. If so it was MI6 tied in with the Italians. How will the new American deal with England in the future. We still have a week to go and we want to see that there is proof that real things are happening.

21 MM Sidney Powell is a military lawyer and if she wants to will run the tribunals.

People like Lin Wood and Sidney Powell have done an excellent job in getting the information out to the people. Those hearings were heard by millions of Americans. Parkes probably felt the lower courts would refuse to help them but they were surprised of the action of the SCOTUS.

24 MM He has seen pictures of the Trump team and they all look calm. "Why interfere when the enemy is killing itself leave them alone."

25 MM He can only pass on information he is given to pass on. He does not research.


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