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Simon Parkes - 11th January Update... [Recapped]

19 Minute Video


0 MM $6,000 fine in Quebec if one violates curfew in Quebec. That indicates the seriousness of things now.

China is trying to put pressure on trump with international issues.

3 MM The U. S. now sees Taiwan now as a sovereign country, free of China.

7 MM What happens Next? Use Mike Pompeo's message frequency to measure Trump's progress and expected Emergency News Broadcast. The more frequent the messages the closer we get to the main event.

Troop movements in California and D.C., moving during the day. The Governors do not control the military, Trump does.

8 MM Italy: Still no direct evidence that the Pope has been arrested although there is a warrant for his arrest. Reports that his private doctor has died of the virus. Perhaps we may be told so does the Pope, as a stalling action. Games being played. Vatican is wrapped up in the election steal.

10 MM To arrest major names in the U. S. depends on proving their money flow. New courts may have to be created to get justice. Detailed evidence of Dollar flow is the ultimate proof of crimes. Pelosi sealed her fate with loss of laptops.

Big names will be the last to be arrested.

15 MM MSNM won't show what is happening. After this we will need a completely new media system that remains free. The media will be one of the last to be addressed. 17 MM Robert David Steel warns of ATMs down and possible grid down for a few days in the U.S. Parkes was told the same would occur in the UK.

Timing is not clear because the people doing this aren't clear when it will be needed themselves.

18 MM At some point in a few days the media will no longer be able to hold back the real news.

Just chill out as this is a ten day process. Pace ourselves. End

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