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Simon Parkes: 11th January Third Update... [ Recapped] [MUST SEE]

Updated: Jan 12

14 Minute Video


0 MM FOX news turned down Trumps on their station talk today. 1 MM Pompeo's talk today was to say everything is OK. While he was talking his messages went from 30 minutes down to 15 minutes and then to 5 minutes. Then the messages stopped. 2 MM What that signaled is teams are embedded all over the planet and now they are all in position. All teams set their watches (timetables) at that point. Everything is ready and they opened their mission envelopes.

4 MM Situation is fluid. Q operation was put together by 200 generals. It is going the way the good guys want it to go. He doesn't know all of the plan but rather some of the plan.

7 MM The Trump team is not worried. The DS was used to be in charge and they let their guard down. Trump does have the backing of the Military. If the DS does not succeed in stopping Trump they know they are done with. The military will not ever have Biden as president.

9 MM The big game is now on. It is covert now but in a day or so will be overt and the news media must deal with it.

11 MM Trump has not resigned and is in Texas with the real Q.

We have won but we just don't know it. All of this was planned since Kennedy was killed. The money system will be changed back to the gold standard.


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