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SGAnon #46: Radioactive Event Coming | Trump Comms>April MOAB | Deutsche Bank Collapse | Mil_Ops Ong

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

53 Minute Video [Recapped]

2 MM Huber Report to be released April 2?

9 MM Everything (too many problems) seems to be coalescing towards April.

14 MM Why are border states so important? MOAB?

16 MM We are moving into a new military operation in April.

18 MM NORAD commander is insulate in Cheyenne Mountain both physically and legally. SGAnon feels we are moving into a new intelligence tactic going to the next level to save the world.

22 MM It is likely that April will be a very active month.

23 MM Look for nuclear activity. Perhaps Russia may be setup for a dirty bomb incident.

27 MM We may see an nuclear event in Korea or Japan. This may be real or just talk.

29 MM Russia is discussed. They are destroying the deadly bio-labs and reducing the CABAL operators there in Ukraine. Bakmuth will fall to Russia and then Russia will reveal all to the world.

They have cut off all escape routes; Ukraine has sent their wounded across the lines and Russia is administering aid to them. Russia sees the Ukraine soldiers as their brothers.

35 MM Russia has been collecting evidence for military tribunals later. Some CIA operatives have been executed by Russia military tribunals for their work on in bio-labs.

38 MM We may see a conflict between China, Japan and the US. This will stop all shipping; cut off the micro chip market. He is not hearing from his mentor.

A major build up is being done in China for this, to get into Taiwan.

41 MM BRICS now has 63 nation trying to get in. The world financial new year begins April 1st. 43 MM He says Deutsche Bank has collapsed yesterday although it has not been announced. It has three times the exposure as Credit Suesse. Third largest bank in Europe.

45 MM We are seeing an intended explosion of the Rothschild Bretton Wood financial system.

If they can get us to sign up to their new system to stay in control. 47 MM We are watching the world change for the better right before our eyes.


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