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  • Jim Costa

SG Anon Unmasked: The Exclusive Interview "We Are in a War, Our Military Has Been Very Well Prepared

58 Minute Video [Recapped]

11 MM He feels it will take 6 to 9 months to remove Biden.

14 MM We are making progress on getting word out on Covid; The main Street Media is now beginning to talk bad about the Vax and child trafficking.

17 MM We don’t want to throw the Normies into fear panic. We want to throw them into confusion panic. It is a slow process.

18 MM This year will give a great amount of exposure on the medical fraud. He thinks it may happen in second half of this year.

19 MM NESARA/GESARA – Is very real; may not come out in that particular way. All of the pieces of the programs are being built now worldwide. It may be a multi-phase process.

22 MM Scare event. Militaries are now being brought into the Alliance but is dangerous. Many possible scare events. We know the financial system must be brought down. Perhaps the scare event will be needed to get us over that line.

24 MM 6 to 9 Months? We can’t have Trump in office while things are collapsing. Biden may fall in as little as 6 weeks.

Possibly by Impeachment, or 25h Amendment or medical.

26 MM Biden Docs - His own party will take out Biden.

28 MM Jeff Sessions and John Huber - He believes they are still working behind the scenes (Trans-National)

30 MM CNN news casters - The Military is working through “Safe Mode” and is making progress in taking back the news media.

32 MM The new medical technology has been rolling out the past two years. The tech will proceed over 4 to 10 year period. This is delicate because we are dealing with the mood of 7 Billion people.

36 MM Flat Earth theory discussed. Refers listener to do research on a list of project names.

39 MM Trump returns when it will not divide most of the people.

40 MM Familys are split on what is reality now discussed. T his journey is about all people’s free will, how we think, etc. Focus on your own personal journey.

47 MM Is Ron DeSantos a White Hat? Unknown. He has a questional background but is working hard for the White Hats. Time will tell. People can change.

49 MM Rescuing children ongoing for over 6 years now. Still ongoing. Al trafficking systems are being brought down now.

51 MM Chem Trails Discussed. Progress in some areas, little progress in others. We will learn more this year. Could be to make us sick so we will purchase medicine.

53 MM Droughts & Chem trails discussed.

58 MM His spiritual journey discussed.


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