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SG Anon: Father's Day Scare Event - No One Expected Anything Like This! [Recapped]

Updated: Jun 16

Video [Start at 36 Minute Mark]

[I may recap this today.]

36 MM SGA - Discusses evil beings on this planet; This is the warfare we are in now.

41 MM SGA - We need to realize that some of our old religious beliefs could have some connections to ET visitors. This does not mean that god does not have control.

47 MM SGA - The bible has holes in it. Evidence shows there were 3 great floods, not just one.

49 MM SGA - Its possible that a group entered falsehoods into out religious history and now humanity is beginning to recognize that and is about expose those that lied to us historically.

Ancient civilizations called these evil ones Fallen Angels or Satan. Is it possible that they are still on earth manipulation the world today?

62 MM SGA - The children are the main factor in this war. The current governments are abusing children and we are now learning about it.

79 MM SGA - The military feared the awakening of humanity after WWII and feared continuing scientific research from Dr. Mengala's genetic research. So militarys moved their research underground and out of sight regarding bio-weapons and human cloning..

96 MM SGA - Our system of consciousness can be and is, hacked by others. Our relationship with god. [must hear]

I am ending the recap. You must hear this for yourself.

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