• Jim Costa

SG Anon #27: Turkey to Leave NATO | Putin and Xi Coordinating | German/UK Militaries Running Ops.

51 Minute Video [Recapped] [Absolute Must Hear]

2 MM His home-schooling decision

9.5 MM Russia and Ukraine

Russia, China and Trump are waiting to pull the big switch on the DS.

Ukraine failed to file its border from the beginning.

15 MM Erdogan (Turkey) is talking with Putin for Turkey to leave NATO Alliance. 18 MM It is taking time to alter the world for peace.

20 MM Brazil has begun arresting government leaders for voting fraud.

20.5 MM When a Covert Special Ops like what is being done world wide now, countries must remain quiet so as not to cause more chaos.

22 MM Financial situation in Europe. 26 MM Germany has patriot members of their military who are about to pull Germany out of NATO.

28 MM Treaty on Pandemic may be a mistake of the Deep State. 30 MM Watch Out for any "One Health" medical systems. 35 MM If the US signs this treaty it will be giving up our sovereignty.

36 MM The BRICS was created to keep the world calm while we build a new economic system.

38 MM The Mossad out of controlled Israel has thousands of agents around the world controlling people in power. There are a powerful force against the White Hats.

39 MM Possible scare event in our future.

43 MM Signing the NATO Health Treaty will prompt more militarys to join the White Hats alliance to save their countries. This will bring in more quickly Nesara and Gesara.

45 MM We are here now because we as people have figured out that we are all one people, connected and need to be free to share information.

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