• Jim Costa

Robert David Steele, Sean Stone, Rima Laibow & Ralph Fucetola. [Partially Recapped]

85 Minute Video


7 MM Steele: The pandemic has been a fraud and will come to a conclusion the first week of March. Trump may not want to come back; JFK Jr. may take the lead. We are about to become much more healthy as a species.

9 MM Dr. Liabow: Introduces herself and pushes for healthy food.

13 MM The Rockefellers decided to weaponize the food and have NATO take over the world food distribution. Their goal was to depopulate the planet. We are looking at the weaponization of our survival.

17 MM Shawn: NATO and the World Trade Organization and the World Health Organization and the Bank Of International Settlements were acting in concert to control the world.

18 MM Steele: The people at the U. N. are mostly controlled people with a third of them trying to do the best they can. All of the world’s organizations are controlled by bribery and blackmail or brainwashed.

Steele is producing 4 movies to cause a national conversation on all this so we can get back to making sound decisions on behalf of the citizens. WE have 8 million kids a year disappear from kidnappings. We need to get control of our country all at once.

27 MM Steele: Q is five men led by Gen. Michael Flynn and a bunch of Anons trying to reveal all the control over the masses.

28 MM Laibow: Discusses the Philadelphia experiment making a Navy ship disappear (time warp) losing a destroyer and its crew. Later a scientist was able to retrieve the ship with some crew embedded in the metal of the ship.

33 MM Shawn discusses yoga being able to time travel and do things that our scientists cannot do.

36 MM Steel feels our educated have been dumbed down to cause chaos in out current world. 37 MM Dr. Laibow says churches have long stifled knowledge so the churches can control information and knowledge.

38 MM Steele feels we should return to Villages.

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