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Robert David Steele: Arrested Freemason Satanist's List and the Rescued Children. [Recapped]

34 Minute Video [Recorded prior to 2/15/21]

0 MM What is naked short selling? Short Selling is equivalent to selling your car with a Zerox copy of your car title and never delivering the car. Naked Short selling is when you don't own the stock at all while you bad mouth the company and win the bet after you kill the company you bet against.

3 MM DOJ, SEC, Depository Trust Organization are all RICO organizations. The Wall Street boys are good guys are people that planned and now are taking down the dirty Wall Street banks for their naked short seller crimes. Wall Street has stolen $100 Trillion from widows and families the past 15 years by naked short selling.

7 MM When Trump returns he can take that $100 Trillion away from the Wall Streeters and charge them with treason.

12 MM The reason most pedophilia crimes are not able to go to court now is because the politicians and courts are all black mailed now. They have to be cleaned up first.

17 MM Is Trump really still behind us? In a nutshell he says "yes". Trump is the greatest president we have ever had. There is a direct line from John Kennedy to Ronald Reagan to Trump. There will be justice done at some point.

21 MM Steele sees a non-forceful transfer of power coming about. 24 MM People has seen how far we have been removed from family, farms and faith.

27 MM Just like Comet Pizza opened the world up to pedophilia Game stop and Reddit opened the world up to the Wall Street fraud.

28 MM Is Juan O'Savin legit? Answer: Yes he is. Patrick Byrn also says he is 100% legit.

We are on a upward spiritual track. We need to back local Sheriffs movement with the pastors. They are moving to arrest federal, state or local officials so no central government can prevail.

30 MM The Covid Virus story is dying. 32 MM Steele believes John Kennedy Jr. is still alive.

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