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RDS / Charlie Ward update — All in Hand, POTUS Owns TV Stations from 0800 1/20/21 [Recapped]

19 Minute Video Interviewed by John David Steel [Being Recapped Now]


0 MM Trump is sticking legally to the Constitution. Three times he has been told if there is significant foreign interference.

3 MM Trump still has not conceded. Ward repeats the story of a mid sized TV station about takeover tomorrow morning.

5 MM Remember that the U.S. Corporation has been shut down so it no longer exists. The U. S. Government was dissolved 18 months ago in London. We are now transitioning to the new NESARA government. Is Trump turning the Capital into a prison? Ward doesn't think Trump wants to start the new government in D. C.

8 MM What happens when Biden goes to the White House to get in? Ward says he thinks Trump wants Biden to swear in and complete the crime.

9 MM To hear information that's nice. But I have to check it inside myself for the truth test.

12 MM He checked out the "Q" movement. At one time JFK Jr. had a Q group.

13 MM Biden may be sworn in tomorrow but Trump will still be in charge under the Insurrection Act. The troops swore an oath to serve and protect the country.

The troops in DC are very calm.

14 MM there is about 8,000 persons behind Trump. He wants to be assured that he only has true supporters behind him.

16 MM We are starting the government transition now through March 3rd.

18 MM "Don't worry, trump is in charge." They both think China is a front for Great Britain and the Zionists.


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