• Jim Costa

Notes From Jim: 3:30 PM, CST

Updated: Jan 14

Simon Parkes says the Insurrection Act was signed several days ago but placed in a drawer. Yesterday morning it was handed to the Generals and is now being acted upon. See Doug Billings Interview. Trump will be the next President.

Updated at 11:23 AM: Local News reported the National Guard troops in DC are now armed. They do not say who ordered it. Do not know if federalized yet. Now 20,000 troops, possibly under the Pentagon.

Updated at 10:30 AM:

Pompeo is still posting every half hour indicating activity ongoing.

Redpill #78 wonders if Trump was sworn in privately on the 11th (custom of presidents). D.C. security is beefed up for its announcement.

Updated at 8:30 AM:

A gentleman is acting as House speaker in place of Pelosi.

Updated at 7:30 AM:

3) Attached is a PDF on how to prepare and respond if power goes off for a hopefully few days. It is designed to save you money and make the family happy. 3 Day No Frig Plan Alter it for your own family.

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