• Jim Costa

Note From Jim Regarding Today’s Activity.

Thank you Lori, you speak a truth that all of us can agree on.

After all we have been through together today, this is where I am still firmly entrenched at. Things are happening in the background that will take us where we want to go. But with that being said it still comes down to what we do to make it happen.

We have to continue to hold the vision of our individual sovereignty in order to make it happen. No one else can do that for us. It is similar to the ending of slavery during and after our Civil War. Others caused it to happen but each slave had to take that step to the property line and decide to step over it. Imagine the hard long decision for just that one step being made by each slave.

We need to be preparing for that step now ourselves. My advice is to first accept that the freedom is about here and focus on that freedom only and never consider deeper enslavement.

Then focus on pulling your family unit together quickly. Forget about the wrecked car episode, the decaying marriage, our indebtedness prison and all the rest that is weighing us down. Recreate your family in the best vision you ever had of it. This is because you will soon need to make quick family decisions that will serve the entire family the best those decisions can provide. This must support the newlyweds starting a marriage, the middle aged folks and the older folks.

Each family member must all reach loving compromises that will keep the family intact forever. This is the only way we can go forward otherwise our freedom may be lost as elites will tear us down again, one at a time. Your family must be ready and talking this stuff now. Now is not the time to be proud or scared. It is the time to prepare to leave the slavery together.

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