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Note From Jim: Re: Mike Adams Podcasts

I have long said the purpose of the website is to focus on the Financial and Geo-political collapse and reset. I have endeavored to make it easy for working people with family demands to stay current on this news as I appreciate they cannot afford hours each day researching all the news out there. I have tried to stay away from videos longer than an hour.

Due to all the above reasons I am slowing down on posting Mike Adams’ daily podcasts. He is primarily now focused on the vaccinations and I wish to stay out of the rabbit hole. Everyone can find the current information on their own. I do not wish to frighten people any more than is required.

There is enough fear out there now. I am leaning in the direction that Biden does not exist anymore and we are watching a grand show designed to frighten the population awake. Most readers here are already awake. I believe we will be at our best while remaining calm through this struggle.

Therefore, I will refrain from automatically posting Mike Adams’ daily posts.

You can follow him yourself at these two websites:

Mike Adams and his podcasts:

Natural News and his articles:

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