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Note From Jim: Hold On! Updated at 11:30 AM

11:30 AM It might appear that the banker king, Banker Baron Benjamin de-Rothschild, died of a heart attack and The Sweet and Low tycoon Donald Tober suicided himself. Did they just vote that there are high level take downs occurring around the world right now?

General Honer'e, former Katrina Hurricane disaster leader, has been called in to review the Capital defense. Is this Trump's way of putting a smiley face on the Capital defenses? To me this is a signal to remain calm.

11:08 AM Both Parkes and Adams have been recapped.

10:00 AM Parkes is recapped now. I am back to recapping Adams.

9:00 AM

I'm going crazy. Feel like a one armed man trying to shove a stick of butter up a wildcat's ass with a hot poker!

Just hold on a few....

Adams just posted that Parkes and company are CIA and a psyop.

Parkes just posted two videos but I am having trouble getting into the. It may take a while.

I have stopped recapping Adams for now.

In the meantime Parkes just flashed a news story that Baron Benjamin de Rothschild just died. By the way, I have followed this for a good ten years. I personally feel Adams has taken a wrong turn on the trail. But of course, use your own judgement. In a few days we will know for sure.

Stay tuned Folks . . .

P.S. Just got in to his audio and am recapping it now.

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