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60 Minute Video

1 MM The left is worried because of the hill they must climb. They have played into Trump's hand and puts the people behind Trump. The Left knows that y have lost.

4 MM "It's odd that Trump is far too dangerous to be on Twitter but not too dangerous to have the nuclear codes."

6 MM It will take another 4 or 5 days for Trump to act (Jan 14th.). Kennedy was killed because he gave the timeline to take down the banks. The Left leaders have had their funds frozen. Now it has been discovered how they are still being being funded through the Vatican. 8 MM Each laptops captured gives a picture of how they communicated and moved money. That did get Pelosi's laptop. To the military the rush on the White House was really a siege.

12 MM Don't get wrapped up on who is good and who is bad. This is about good vs. Evil. Look at the higher picture.

14 MM Trump has tried all of his legal options. The people are ready for his Executive Orders now. The corporation of the U. S. has now been shut down. We are transitioning to a new government. Trump may be the leader but it may be he was the last President of the U. S.

This is the beginning of the beginning.

All countries have now signed up to NESARA (from 1962).

23 MM Just sit back and enjoy the ride; we are on the right path. Evil and Washington D. C. is being dismantled. The women supposedly shot in the neck was tweeting the day after she died.

24 MM What happens now? The inauguration is illegal, as well as the government is now illegal. Everything Trump has been done legal and by the book. Everything done by the left has been illegal. We are moving to a new legal government.

40 MM How will Trump Communicate? If Newsmax is up Trump will use it. Otherwise he will use military Giant Voice. [Note: Mike Adams is now saying that it appears the left is trying to take down FOX news and NewsMax.] 41. A lot of arrests have already happened but he can't tell due to NDA signed.

43. China is becoming concerned that the game isn't going their way. They wanted the nuclear codes taken away from Trump so China could invade Taiwan.

This is why the military will never let Biden become President; because it will be world war again.

45. The war is already won. Taking out the Phoenition families and the Vatican was critical. The taking out the Queen's castle and City of London was also critical. This is why Trump walked in front of the Queen.

51. America was always where the fight was to take place. It was important that America detach from Europe to go through this but keep its connection to England together as we go forward. Then we can bring in Canada, Ne Zealand and Australia.

61. Wow long will the transition take? If given a free hands just a short time. With bureaucracy 10 years.


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