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New SGAnon File 40: WW3 - US Rail Incidents Not Accidents - European War Worldwide - US States New S

31 Minute Audio [Recapped]

2 MM WE knew 2023 would be the year of False Flags. The Deep State Is in panic.

3 MM The Ohio train wreck is an attempt to cover for JP Morgan Bank involvement with Epstein.

4 MM That wreck shows us how the CABAL can bypass local authorities and do what they want, bypassing our ability to control our local societies.

6 MM It is time to take back our local communities. WE must control our own supply chains.

8 MM We now have control of the Congressional House now.

We are now seeing the misdeeds of alphabet agencies.

10 MM Friday the 17th SCOTUS will again hear the Brunson case.

11 MM On Feb 24th, SCOTUS will hear the case involving a child pedo ring capturing the Supreme Court itself as well as highly placed elected officials.

This ring goes back to the Knights of Malta and involves the Jesuits.

On Feb 21st - 22nd the Russian Parliament and people will be addressed by Putin on what is about to happen to Western Europe.

12 MM Geological events (search and rescue missions in underground tunnels) are occurring on the U. S. West coast now.

13 MM Yesterday Trump posted twice and referred to himself a “President Trump” or as “The President”. This lead to a drop stating that we under attack by three agencies, but they are being taken care.

He then ties this to President Martin Van Burren in 1837. This tied to a bad financial system like today. SGT realizes that the Dollar must collapse. [You need to hear this for yourself]

We need to stay strong and together.

20 MM We are getting to see all the militaries joining together to go on the offensive against the CABAL.

The BRICS system will rebalance the world powers.

23 MM We will soon see large scale open conflicts between large countries publicly. We will see some countries stand down as we rebalance. The Alliance will not lose.

The Alliance has control of most of the militaries, infrastructure and weapons of the world.

24 MM His mentor pointed him to that after the American Revolution states were added. We the People will be asked to reject their statehood to the Corporation and ask to be returned back to the Republic. This wave will begin on the West Coast and move East. This will be a rebirth of the country.

27 MM We must actively choose and create our own future.

The explosion of the Corporation is happening now before our eyes.

29 MM Cannibalism will be in the news in the future. You are being prepared of the conversation that is coming up (Epstein Island).


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