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New Dr. Jim Willie: March Madness Intel! Banks are on the Brink! [Recapped]

94 Minute Video [Must See - Credit Suesse discussion starts at 15 MM]

18 MM Russia was commissioned to wreck the Central Bank's money laundering system, and that is what they have done.

30 MM Credit Suesse will fail soon and a few days after that Deutsche Bank will fail.

37 MM When the money laundering centers in Ukraine were destroyed, Black Rock notified their largest investors they were filing bankruptcy. You must hear the rest of this section for yourself.

41 MM Deutsche Bank will eventually held up.

43 MM We will see U S and NATO Generals loose billions in European banks be stolen by those banks. Sharks eating sharks.

You have to hear the rest of this interview for yourself.

60 MM This is a most unique interview. He suggests Trump's comment on building new cities is because BLM, ANTIFA and others will hold up in large cities that will end up destroyed.

He also suggests that the dying CABAL will destroy some cities. This is what Trump may be hinting at.

77 MM He feels that Phizer will be broken up, sold in pieces to private investment firms, so that lawsuits cannot locate the medical research owned by them. This happened to Bayer with German medical information they got.

He feels that lawsuits against Phizer will net get traction.

83 MM Japanese will probably join the BRICS. 86 MM Germany will probably join in partnership with Russia in trade.

He says Germany has already cut the deal.

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