• Jim Costa

My Pillow CEO Describes The Complete Deception & Treachery Against Patriots And America Going on In

Inside The White House. 29 Minute Video [ Recapped]

0 MM Was invited to the White House to tell the President that the vote was stolen. He was asked to deliver the paper notes to someone inside. Given to him by an attorney for Trump to see.

4 MM Had conversation with others in the ante room.

5 MM. He was dismissed by one of the men. He never met with Trump as he thought he would.

6 MM He was mad because he studied that voter fraud and thinks Trump must know.

9 MM It appears he is disgruntled about not getting in and has nothing to say. I am ending the recap at 12 minute mark.

It could be that he is trying to discredit the paperwork that was posted online.

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