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Military Control, 11.3 Verifies As 1st Marker, Think Illegitimate. [Recapped]

By X22 Report: Recap & Audio


2 MM Trump spent 4 years building up the economy with tariffs etc. Biden will now reverse everything. 5 MM Now all crooks can be taken down.

6 MM The economy is not real, its all controlled. If the Central Banks begin to take the world to their new economy and it is taken away the banks will collapse.

9 MM Thump has a plan but we don’t know it. We are now watching the Deep State goes after all of us and small businesses.

11 MM If Trump moved in now wouldn’t we see civil war? We have to follow the plan.

13. Trump declassed the Crossfire Hurricane docs two nights ago. He is still on go. Biden just completed the crime. The military has its on purposes and plans.

17 MM What happens if Biden took the oath of office knowing he took bribes from China?

18 MM This is the first inauguration in which the president elect did not go to D.C. on a military flight. Biden had to take a private plane.

The military has proof of all the crimes and corruption.

That is the provisions of the military to be the last line of defense of communism. This is why no travel for Biden. The Military is now in full control.

21 MM The head of the National Guard said on Good Morning America that their job is to see that we had a peaceful transition of power to the Military.

22 MM Flynn told us it would take 30 days to make this transition. The National Guard is prepared to stay in D.C. for 30 days.

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