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Mike Adams' Situation Update, Dec. 5th - The CCP gambit: Mass vaccinations of U.S. military to

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

weaken national security. [MUST HEAR] 61 Minute Video

Recap Below: @ 8 Minute Mark: The lock downs are to collapse the U.S. as well as cover for the vote theft (mail in ballots).

@ 10 Minute Mark - Appears that China stole military (DOD) files indicating who can be psychologically blackmailed. @15 MM - Appears China planned to take out Trump in 2020 and weaken the U. S. with a bio-weapon.

@22 MM - Operation Warp Speed discussed; used by Trump to prop up confidence in the economy & stock market. The vaccines are a threat to Americans, in particular to military personnel.

@29 MM - China plans to weaken the military with vaccinations so they cannot help with the chaos from the elections around Xmas.

@47 MM - Joe deGenova said all those controlled by the CCP should be shot.

@48 MM - Any state official who certify the vote results can be charged with treason. @54 MM - Adams calls for the DOD execution of all who are on the payroll of CCP now to save the U. S.

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