• Jim Costa

Mike Adams' Situation Update, Dec. 4 - Offensive cyber warfare mechanisms all ACTIVATED [Excellent]

By Mike Adams: 65 Minute Video

@ 8 Minute Mark — Something major will be happening in D. C. Friday.

@ 14 Minute Mark — Trump is about to use his DOD card.

@ 23 Minute Mark — Joe Biden's explanation of his boot. @ 35 Minute Mark --- DOD option @ 40 Minute Mark -- Offensive Cyber Options signed in 2018 covering elections; not revealed to Congress (Kraken). @ 45 Minute Mark -- Rendition Flights? @52 Minute Mark -- "Why would anyone bet against Trump now?" Answer: Only those dumb enough to watch the main Street News and believe them. @58 Minute Mark -- The only way to clean out the swamp is to declare the Insurrection act.

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