• Jim Costa

Lt. General Thomas McInerney drops numerous bombshells. NANCY IS UP TO TREASON. [Recapped]

18 Minute Video [Recapped]

0 MM Covid-19 was a biological attack on the world to destroy economies as well as an attack on the election. The Democrats were in collusion with China.

1 MM It was an attack on Hong Cong; an attack to change the world.

Now we have an unconstitutional government.

They have taken over our society. Every American must stand up.

3 MM The Capital attack was aided by McConnel & Pelosi & Schumer.

4 MM Hammer program was sold to China.

He watched Pakistan alter the Runoff votes. It was decided to let it happen and show the American people. 6 MM The Vatican was changing the votes. But it was controlled by China.

9 MM They took Pelosi's laptop and they are terrified as well as a source talking about the treason. 10 MM Covid-19 came in at the same time the Impeachment was beginning; they were working together.

13 MM We need to back the President; the attack is changing our lifestyle. General Flynn told him that Comey sold the Hammer and Scorecard system to the Chinese.

15 MM The information coming out of England was doing what they were accusing Trump of doing. Hillary was paying them to do it.

16 MM Every Democrat Congressman knows that Biden was not elected in accordance with the Constitution.

17 MM "I believe the Vice- President committed treason." Tell every American to wake up for America.


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