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  • Jim Costa

Judy Byington: Biden Impeachment,Global Banking System Collapse, Military Intervention,Special Intel

Military Operations led by the White Hats, are controlling a Continuity of the US Government, while a Cabal shadow government was running parallel to the facade. Biden’s presidency was nothing more than a charade orchestrated by the Deep State, while the real power rests in the hands of the White Hats.
Hundreds of banks in the US, along with major US stock agencies controlled by the Cabal Rockefellers & Rothschild’s Black Rock, Vanguard and State Street, are collapsing. NATO and the UN are on the verge of Bankruptcy.
A whirlwind of events is unfolding behind the scenes. Nothing is a coincidence in this grand chessboard of power. The military, standing as the last line of defense for truth and justice, holds the key to our salvation. Stay vigilant as the world transforms before our eyes. The Military’s silent revolution is the only path to reclaiming our freedom and dismantling the Deep State’s stranglehold on our society.
…David Wilcox
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