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Juan O Savin: Happy April, Pres Trump, Military Operation & The Out One. [Recapped - Must see]

Posted Feb. 11th 51 Minute Mark


0 MM He and others are creating a new Free Speech site at for those that have been de-platformed. It should be finished with its Beta testing now.

6 MM Regarding the impeachment. This is theater and we are watching how the other side wants to rule us. The fix is in. Videos can be doctored to show anything.

10 MM There are videos of the Viking guy rehearsing the raid in a green room. So was the Capital video for real or not? President Biden is using the "little AF1" to go home because in New Hampshire because the airport was small. The car was dirty he was shuttled in. The Security guards are wearing unpolished shoes. There is something wrong with all of this.

12 MM There are many persons who were close to Trump are offended because they were not in a "need to know" basis who did not know what the plan was. The plan was not shared with secure military friends and trusted others because the plan was so important for the country's survival that the risk of a leak was too great.

14 MM With what is at stake for the entire world it is reasonable that we are not informed of the plan and therefore we should not feel slighted or frustrated.

Look at all the ships backed up off the California coast. Why? Because we have three Navy task forces there, each with a hundred ships assigned to it. We have two task forces off the East coast. This is a war with a hairline trigger.

16 MM He quotes from his book " We have a long road ahead to clean up Washington because it can't be fixed. It's already fixed! It's a rigged game. My Advice to President Trump is . . . " He then suggested Trump bring in all the wire fencing he can get and fence in D.C. with the military to close the place down. Watch for tunnels a hundred miles away.

19 MM Cheyenne Mountain is still closed up. The actual nuclear launch from the football would be done from Cheyenne Mountain. Note that this facility has not be made available to Biden. If a President is not available to launch in time then the Generals can initiate a launch. The Military is the last check point to safety.

The Military has been doing an internal assessment of Biden and the vote steal. They are not trusting Biden and company.

27 MM Question about March and April, what is coming up?

Dover Air Force base is in Delaware. Can't Biden fly there?

Juan O'Savin discusses Trump's great fake to retreat while Biden falls apart. He laughs about people falling apart because Biden is "In power" but yet he is not. [You must hear this section for yourself!] We are just letting the Biden group play through. The the American people will shut them down.

35 MM Don't be fooled by the Magician's tricks. We are watching staged events.

All those people who were fooled by Biden will be the April Fools. 37 MM How will March and April play out? If you can't get to a non-crooked court where do you go? There will be an act of god play in here soon. The whole planet is asking god for help.

America is having a near death hellish type experience right now. We are seeing what it would be like to be under the Deep State's control.

42 MM The City of London (Bankers) were behind the take down of Trump from the beginning. America is a rogue nation and the City of London wants to bring it back under it's control to control the entire world.

44 MM If you believe Trump folded up and ran you have been fooled. He is very much still in control. End

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