• Jim Costa

Juan O Savin April Update with Sean Stone.

By: Hobie: Recap & 17 Minute Video

Juan ends by insisting, "The military, at the very highest levels has not signed-off on a Biden victory, even though Congress and the courts have. It's going to come to a head. It's going to be dramatic and it's my contention that it probably looks something like a Cuban Missile Crisis, some event that forces the other side, supposedly to hand over the keys, to step down; to get out of the way. Both sides want it. It's not just one. So you're gonna get it. We don't know when...
"I personally thought it would have been all done by April's a dual presidency. Biden may be technically, as far as Congress and the courts, President of the United States, but there's some component that it's clear to me, that hasn't signed off on it. I don't know if it's the military. I don't know, I think they consider Trump President, still."
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