• Jim Costa

Jim's Running Notes 1/14 Updated at 12:10 PM

12:00 PM

3) Attached is a PDF on how to prepare and respond if power goes off for a hopefully few days. It is designed to save you money and make the family happy. 3 Day No Frig Plan Alter it for your own family.

10:30 AM

Excellent Mike Adams update today. Its a MUST HEAR.

8:00 AM 1) It appears that Mike Adams has lost the scent as his contacts have gone silent. I will continue to post him but may not recap if not news worthy (new News). He does an excellent job of analysis.

2) The only hot journalist at this time is Simon Parkes.

3) Yesterday Parkes said he strongly asked his source for proof of take down underway. Be sure to read his COBF posting this morning.

4) Pompeo is still posting every 30 minutes, exactly.

5) Parkes Bitshute podcast was overwhelmed by too many viewers. Finally someone copied it unto their private Youtube account and uploaded it. So expect the same problems in the future.

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