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Jim’s Rant Today. Breakfast With A Friend.

I am doing a lot of soul searching and will be writing a heavy rant today or tomorrow on where I am at this point in time with the Reset.

My friend is a great thinker and most knowledgeable regarding the reset & collapse. He is a CPA and is familiar with banking. The Reset & chaos is mostly what we discussed. But what I am about to share is the small talk.

I told him about opening a business bank account for the Chambers project I am working on. I went to the bank alone to create the account as it can take a while to accomplish. My plan was to come back another day with my wife to put her as a second check signer which just takes about five minutes. God was I wrong.

On trip one I got to see the next available person. It took her about an hour to open a business savings account. She confessed she had only been on the job a month. She took the name of the corporation and then asked if it was a “Sole Proprietor”, meaning a person doing business outside of a corporation or partnership! I realized she was just a clerk reading a software program and not a banker.

On the second trip it took a little over an hour to add a second check signer. But first we had to go to the bank and were told we had to now make an appointment, which we did for the afternoon. The person helping us that day was also very new and had never done a business account, meaning she was a clerk and not a banker. That is what I told my friend Jack this morning. He just called me mad as hell. He received a thousand dollar deposit into his account but it wasn’t showing up on his account activity. He went to see his banking officer but found out his appointment book is filled through Friday. So he went to a teller. The teller first said the outside ATM machine may be the problem and it was not the bank’s problem. Then he verified that they did get the deposit but it had a 45 day hold on it. Folks, I have done international banking before and have never heard of a 45 day hold.

Jack then proceeded to tell me he stopped by his normal Silver dealer to pick up a shipment he had ordered. He said after years of doing business they were perturbed that he did not make an appointment.

Yesterday I posted an article where a Bank Of America Guru said to expect 200,000 bankers to be laid off soon. I suspect they are bringing in idiots to man the from line, by appointment only, as preparation for the bank runs. The precious metals dealers are preparing the same as they don’t want fifty people in the business at once. Brace yourselves folks.

New Subject, that being the vaccinations. Headlines the past few weeks indicate doctors are telling patients that if they are vaccinated the doctor will no longer have them as a patient. If this is indeed true, then I suspect it is because the doctors have had enough of the Medical Journals telling them how to practice medicine and now that they have politicized the medical practice for the Covid fear the doctors no longer want to hear from them. Will there be an entire new protocol for a blister on the ass for a vaccinated patient different from the protocol for an non-vaccinated patient? My guess doctors don’t want to play that game financially.

I expect soon to hear that vaccinated donors will no longer be able to donate blood. Watch for it.

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