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Jim's Rant. Looking Forward: Village Financing; Finding 500 Members; No Your Neighbors.

How Will The Village Finance Itself? top of page

Before this question can be answered, the reader must first read the prior article “Required Work and Personal Income”, paying close attention to the economic factors discussed.

Working under the economic factors mentioned above, village construction and maintenance financing might be achieved utilizing a combination of the following methods:

A. Resident Entrance Fees: A nominal fee ($1,000) might be required from each resident so that he will be considered seriously.

B. Resident Full Payment: Residents with the means to pay their share of housing and village costs up front would be expected to do so.

C. Resident Investment: Those residents with excess cash or investments could invest funds into Financing, Inc. This corporation would hold a mortgage on the land and buildings and would pay interest to the investors at a rate more than CD rates at a typical bank but less than the typical return on stock investments. The stockholders of this corporation would be only the investor residents. As soon as these funds are repaid, this corporation would be dissolved, leaving the land free and clear.

D HUD Financing: Up to 70% of the finished market value of the land and buildings might be borrowed from the Federal Government at a low rate for up to 40 years.

E. Outside Jobs Creation: Outside village businesses and jobs as well as village industries could be created so that those without the up front full payment could earn the cash needed for their share of buying into the village. After the mortgage is paid off some of these jobs could still be filled so that some cash continues to flow into the village for outside purchases.

F. Entitlement Revenue: Some residents might qualify for HUD Section Eight rent assistance based on low income, some might qualify for Medicare home nursing assistance, Family Housing Assistance or some other government assistance that might go towards “rent”.

G. Pensions and Passive Incomes: Those residents with pensions, Social Security or passive incomes might wish to share some of that income with the village either as a gift or instead of performing labor.

H. Grants: Grants will be applied for whenever possible, especially after the Collapse and Reset of the financial system in 2021. Grants will be available from NESARA.

I. Deferred Options: A fraction of the land needed might be purchased with options to purchase the remaining fractions at later intervals. This would lower cash requirements until the village is prepared for its next expansion.

Most of the above would be managed by the Focus Group “How Do We Enrich Ourselves”.

Finding 500 Members

The following suggested ad might be run in the Sunday newspaper once a month in order to spark younger membership when we are ready to build. The ad would be in the General Employment section.

Now Hiring - All Trades

No experience necessary

Long-term Employment, 300 positions

Health Benefits / Retirement

Family Housing provided

Free Child Care

Free Job Training

Single Parent families welcome

Personal transportation not required or needed

No relocation from this area, Santa Rosa County

Non-Profit organization


The ad is a tongue-in-cheek demonstration to the individual who recently posed the reasonable question of “How are we ever going to find 500 people locally who wish to live in the village?” It is not hard to imagine that we would find ourselves flooded with applicants, far more than we could possibly accept. Please remember that one of the twelve Focus groups, How Do We Expand Our Community, would be charged with the task of membership screening.

No Your Neighbors

No, you will probably not know all 500 of your neighbors. A resident will be extremely close to 30 members of his Cluster though, sharing breakfasts together and participating in work parties. A resident will also be somewhat close to the 100 members of his Neighborhood (3 Clusters) coming into contact with them at nightly dinners. However, little contact would occur with the remaining 400 Village residents unless you work with some of them or share a hobby. These 400 will none the less be concerned with your well being, the same as you will be with theirs. If later you decide to make a change in your life you are free to move to another Cluster at no cost. This would afford you an opportunity to begin life anew as you choose.

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