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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Wild News Day Yesterday.

It was a wild one yesterday! The simplest story was OSHA hollering uncle saying it will drop all activity on Vax Mandates. This sinks the Vax.

The next was the Rittenhouse case in which it appears the prosecution failed to properly disclose the leading piece of evidence to the defense. This could end up a mistrial with prejudice.

Then comes my screw-up, the post by Scott McKay, Emergency Broadcast System Has Been Activated. I had a family emergency yesterday morning that set my research behind several hours. I watched a minute of McKay's podcast and posted it labeled as “Use Discernment” until I could watch all of it. That was a mistake. After lunch when I finally saw it I changed it to “Must See”.

That podcast is an excellent restatement of all the White Hats have done up to now to drain the swamp. There can be no doubt in our minds that things are well under control now. If you haven’t seen it you should. It will reinvigorate you.

That brings us to Clif High’s, Collapse Of Civilization Coming. Greg Hunter interviewed him and kept him on point about Geopolitical and Financial events. Outstanding was his description of all systems failing at this time, including the banking, Financial, Dollar, schools, medical etc. That reinforces what I saw years ago – most systems failing.

I was particularly qued when he says he saw references of congressmen running out of chambers throwing up in the halls when they realized the Dollar has collapsed and they are done for. When asked “when” his response was early in December perhaps. Just yesterday afternoon Janet Yellen advised Congress that the US will be out of money around December 15th.

What was comforting was his stating that the Vaxxed can take cheap supplements to work the Vax out of their system over a period of three months thus mitigating further damage to their organs.

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